We Have Cut Our Fuel Bill by 30 Percent!

After purchasing our second home in Wilbraham we quickly found out how evident it was that the contractor cut corners on the heating and cooling system, especially after having Hydronic Alternative’s radiant and panel radiation in our previous house designed by your group, and wanted to thank you for your continued support on our recent home purchase.

Having our major living space situated over the garage and having a 22ft wall of glass on one side we quickly found out how uncomfortable it was with a basic forced warm air system. After sitting with you and designing a new hot water system with hydronic Thermal Board radiant floor system, hydro-air and panel radiation, we created a comfortable living environment throughout the entire house even under the coldest outdoor temperatures.

We have had many comments on how comfortable our house is from friends and family, especially in a space that when the outdoor temperatures dropped below 30 degrees it was extremely uncomfortable without raising the thermostats up to 75 degrees which resulted in high utility bills. With the new system we have more zone control allowing us to turn down areas when not in use and overall we cut our fuel bill by 30%. 

Having worked with you with you and your team on the design and installation of our heating for two of our houses, we want to thank you and want you to know we made the right choice with you and your company.
-- Brian & Susan

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