Thankful We Chose Hydronic Alternatives to Fulfill Our Hydronic Needs

When my wife and I were looking for a heating system to make our dream home as comfortable as possible during the cold New England winters, we knew we wanted to go with a hydronic radiant system. As a sort of do it yourself contractor with lots of building experience, but little experience in the design or installation of a hydronic heating system, finding the right company to go with was difficult. Thankfully my plumber and I ended up choosing Hydronic Alternatives as the supplier of all our hydronic needs. Our system was fairly complex involving radiant flooring panels, hydronic baseboards and radiators. We are more than happy with the consistent warmth and comfort provided by our system and the efficiency of the design that Hydronic Alternatives came up with. Their knowledge and willingness to work with my plumber and I in the design and even the installation of my system far surpassed anything I could have expected. We have and will continue to recommend Hydronic Alternatives as a go to source for heating needs to our friends and families.
-- Robb L.

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