It’s Been a Pleasure to Conduct Business With Hydronic Alternatives.

We are extremely happy with the heating system we purchased from Hydronic Alternatives.  Once the temperature is set it never deviates from that setting. The room warms up to that temperature and stays there consistently. Additionally walking on warm floors is wonderful. We are so happy to have moved away from forced air heating and oil. The comfort level of this system is something that we have never experienced. 

Additionally, the technology and the components used in the system are impressive. You manufacture quality components and the products you import are of a very high quality. Finding this technology in the United States is elusive.  Having a microprocessor control that monitors the outside temperature, makes adjustments and lowers the demand on the boiler saves us energy; I imagine changing over to gas heating will further reduce our recurring heating expenses.

You will have outstanding growth potential from these types of systems in the commercial, government, and residential sectors. There are so many individuals that need your heating technology; your company is a firm to pursue. It’s too bad you are not going after a public offering. I know several individuals that would be interested in investing in your firm and taking it public. With the energy crisis consistently getting worse I would think your growth potential will keep going higher.

It’s been a pleasure to conduct business with Hydronic Alternatives.  There should be more companies like yours who are willing to bring better technology to the public. The Hydronic Alternatives system has not only improved the comfort level in our home, it has reduced our recurring heating expenses substantially!
-- Frank S.

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