I highly recommend working with the Hydronic Alternatives team!

"I recently upgraded my home heating system, which was purchased entirely through Hydronic Alternatives. As a knowledgeable homeowner, I thoroughly evaluated all of my options before choosing to purchase the system recommended by Hydronic Alternatives. I received top notch service and support from the Hydronic Alternatives team during the installation process. The installation included new Hydronic Alternatives integral panel radiators in every room, a condensing propane gas fired boiler, PE-RT tubing and an indirect hot water heater. After our first winter since the upgrade, we are very pleased with the improved efficiency of the new system. In particular, we like the individual thermostat feature on each radiator, making it possible for our guests to regulate the thermostat in their respective rooms, creating a more comfortable, customized experience, without affecting the temperature in the rest of the house. I am of the opinion that the Hydronic Alternatives heating panels are better than radiant heat because not only do they provide the same stable, even temperature throughout the house, which is characteristic of radiant heat, but the Hydronic Alternatives integral panel radiators also offer the added benefit of being able to crank up the heat quickly when you  return from a vacation. I highly recommend working with the Hydronic Alternatives team if you’re in the market for a new heating system."
-- Peter J

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