Hydronic Alternatives Has Helped Me Provide Cost Effective and Efficient Heating Designs.

Hydronic Alternatives has helped me provide cost effective and efficient heating designs. 

My representative Lou quickly helps me engineer and sell a Job. I don’t think it’s about commissions, I think he has a passion for the trade and conveys it with providing expedient service. After the job is sold, he is also inquisitive and visits the job during and after to evaluate the install. Lou has gained much experience over the years for us to learn from. I am always very enthusiastic to ask him to visit a job. I believe my customers feel at ease because of his confidence with the products he sells and the assistance in displaying all options, bells and whistles. 

Hydronic installations used to be tedious and time consuming. The introduction of  PE-RT and various Hydronic Alternatives radiant products have made it much easier to provide an easily installed luxurious, comfortable heat.  Installation of a radiator or a fin tube system used to be a chore. With a basic Integral radiator, a wall unit can be installed, final piped and ready to go within 1/2 an hour.  If the integral radiator doesn’t match the architectural of a design, many other radiators with different accents, shapes, and colors can be chosen to complement a room. Radiant Panel Baseboard is a great alternative and I have used it to hide within the wood base molding of a room. You wouldn’t even know it’s there. It has been effective in designs when radiant floors are not feasible. 

Hydronic Alternative's 3/8 PE-RT allows us to pipe where no one dared before. Installing radiant floors is easier than ever and sneaking pipe into tight confines is as easy as running speaker wires in your house. We feel that Hydronic Alternatives PE-RT is superior in allowing us to access tight bends while still allowing laminar flow. Whoever would have thought you could get so much heat out a small plastic tube. 

With a little time in learning navigation through the Hydronic Alternatives catalog, it is simple to provide a design. Their engineering notes help to specify a system that shall work effectively at various high or low temperatures, as long as you know your heat loss. 

If you don’t know your heat loss, Lou has always provided a line by line heat loss calculation with his field visit of a new job. 

Hydronic Alternatives resources are plentiful whether you’d like to melt snow off a driveway, or keep your bathroom floor warm.
-- Andrew M, President, M Heating Corp

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