Radiators and Towel Warmers

We offer European style panel radiators and Towel warmers in a variety of sizes to accommodate your heating needs. Our Integral series radiators combine the best of convection and radiant with an integrated valve suited to receive a non-electric thermostat. The surface temperature of the unit changes to match the room temperature requirements. An oversized radiator to accommodate low temperature hydronics never gets hot to the touch. Many say panel radiators are the next best thing to radiant floor heat. A heating device that has a small footprint that is easy to clean around. These models can be recessed in a wall for a flush clean look. The name says it all, a complete radiator with an invisible pipe system and integrated thermostatic radiator valve. Our towel warmers offer comfort for the bath and are an affordable option for the homeowner who desires the luxury of warm dry towels and the added benefit of extra warmth and less humidity in the bath. They have straight round tubes to accommodate any thickness of towel with our adjustable wall hanging system. Never live without a warm dry towel again. Also a great way to supplement a warm floor, the Bilbao is the curved version of Hawaii with the same function. The curved design allows easier removal of your towels.